Nail Treatments

Payment Options - Cash or Card in Person / Pay Online / Direct Bank Transfer

Varnish Nail Treatments

A range of varnishes to create your individual style, leaving your nails refreshed and ready to show!

Manicure £20

Pedicure £20

Luxury Varnish Nail Treatments

Not only does this treatment add colour to your nails it also includes hand/foot soak, exfoliation and hand/foot massage to make the most of your pampering experience. Our products have such blissful smells you can sit back, relax and feel in a world of your own!

Manicure £25

Pedicure £25

Gel Polish Nail Treatments

Choose between a wide range of colours to take your fancy. We offer Gelish, Shellac and OPI products.

Gel polishes are chip free lasting up to 2 weeks manicure and 4 weeks pedicure!

Manicure £25

Pedicure £25

Luxury Gel Polish Nail Treatments

Treatment includes products to nourish and add moisture to the skin leaving your hands/feet feeling soft and conditioned, also enjoy a relaxing hand/foot massage to boost circulation to give your skin a healthy and natural glow. Topped with Gel polish colour of your choice.

Manicure £30

Pedicure £30

Removals & Extras

Removal £10 if not reapplied